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Bridging Computational Biology and Wet-Labs

We will turn your data into results letting you focus on the things that really matter like pushing science forward and focusing on biology instead of the software or analysis pipelines. We're here, so you don't have to hire and train additional personnel just so you could get your bioinformatics done and be able to do what you do best - amazing science.


You do what you do best. Build your hypothesis, and do the hard science to test it. Send those samples for sequencing and let the journey begin

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In Silico analysis

We will take care of your data analysis. We have the computational power, all necessary knowledge and bioinformatics pipelines and the scalability you will need. Sit back and relax

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We save you time

We save you time and money. The time when scientific labs were self contained has passed. Competitive science means focusing and exceling at your area of expertize.

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